8-Colors Star Guardians + – Tips for The Fire Fight

Tips for This Fire Fight

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  • Keep Bubble Shield up all the time and kill the flames after his Pyromania attack.
  • Be sure to always leave exactly one flame alive: Pyrom has 3 versions of his Pyromania attack, each using 500, 1000 and 1500SP respectively. Those that consume 500 or 1000 SP deal chip damage if Bubble Shield is up.
  • If all three flames are dead, Pyrom will just regenerate them all. If even only one flame is alive, he will instead just draw SP from them and immediately perform Pyromania.
  • You can ignore the flames after he draws SP from them, up until his next Pyromania attack.
  • The goal is basically to bait him into performing the lowest level of Pyromania.
  • Dua’s Invert can be used on the flames to make him kill them instead of healing them when using Pyromania.

Also, as an additional hint for the final boss after this one, since this was asked already some times (read this after facing him once at least):

  • Use the new member’s Twice ability to make her act before the final boss during his Countdown sequence, allowing her to “steal a turn” to setup Phase Shield.

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