9 Years of Shadows – Shadow of Hope Boss Tips

How to Beat Shadow of Hope Boss

I’d definitely consider Shadow of Hope the toughest boss so far. My tips to anyone having trouble with it:

45 degree dashes are indeed your friend as the ramming attacks will always only ever be horizontal or vertical, never diagonal.

During the attack with all the projectiles, you can get the hand to that shoots lasers (not the energy balls) to leave by touching it. As it always seems to appear on the left side the first time the attack is used and then alternate right and left, you can basically remove it as a factor by bee-lining to the corresponding corner as soon as the attack starts.

This fight really seems to be a gate that you need a certain minimum amount of proficiency with radical acceptance (the timed light recharge when you run out) or you are going to be stuck. It may be worth it spending a minute or two just practicing that if it’s giving you trouble.

I find it best to play aggressive with this fight. By spamming both melee attacks and light blasts when the snakes are vulnerable, it is possible to 2 cycle each phase. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone is capable of one cycling the phases with better timing.

The fight is tough and a bit frustrating. Took me over an hour worth of attempts. My laptop can be a bit of a potato, so it doesn’t even always run the game well. As for the the broader discussion of the mechanics, I think the light as your ammo and armor is an interesting idea though it can trivialize certain things as you practically don’t need to worry about getting hit if you can do well enough with radical acceptance. Having infinite ammo provided you can time acceptance or have somewhere safe to recharge does mean there isn’t really much incentive to melee the more dangerous enemies.

Still, I think it works out well. Only real problem, and this may just be my computer not running the game well, is that I’ll sometimes seem to get hit multiple times by one attack. It may chew through my light and take a unit of my HP, or straight up instakill me. Shadow of Hope’s charges seemed to be one of those instakills as often as not. I had to get pretty good at frantically dashing diagonally.

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