A Lively Haunt – Keyboard Input Troubleshooting

Keyboard Input Troubleshooting

ALH uses a special extension that allows it to detect independent input from two separate keyboards simultaneously. However, this extension’s unique nature can also lead to input detection issues, the most common of which is letter key typing not registering.

Among other things, this could be caused by an installed, but unplugged, keyboard (driver) being assigned as the player’s main controller. If you’re experiencing input detection issues, here are some quick tips that might help:

  • Ensure you are using external USB keyboards only. Laptop, or any type of “built-in,” keyboards will probably not be detected properly.
  • Make sure any keyboard(s) you intend to use are plugged in before the game is booted up. Do not add or remove any keyboards while the game is running.
  • If the problem persists, while the game is not running, unplug all keyboards. Now open the device manager and uninstall all keyboards (proceed with caution). Next, plug in the one or two USB keyboards you intend to use. Wait for them to install / configure, then boot up the game.
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