Above Snakes – Tips if You Are Stuck at The Tannery

Tin Ore & Tannery Tips

I got stuck trying to get to the tannery. I searched for about 2 hours trying to find “Iron Ore” to upgrade the Workbench to get the tannery. I thought I needed Iron Ore for the tannery, but it’s just a confusing layout Workshop menu on the right side.

It says:

  • Workbench II
  • Upgrade Workbench
  • 0/2 Tin Ore

So I assumed I needed 2 Tin Ores to upgrade to Workbench II.

I looked a little more carefully at the Workbench menu. There’s actually a little menu to the left that will allow you to select between Workbench 1 and Workbench 2. It’s very easily missed. So check the left side of your Workshop menu!!

If you click down a level you can find access to the Tannery.

Since my computer has a small 14″ screen, it was very hard to see that text in that menu, so I totally missed it.

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