Age of Wonders 4 – Default Traits

Default Traits: For Those Who Don’t Like Customization

Alright, so there’s still a bunch of people who think being able to customize the races is a bad idea, and stand by how the races should have some inherent traits associated with them. In response to this, I’ve taken the time to write down all of the traits which each of the (currently) playable forms have assigned to them by default. As well as what they do.

  • Dwarfkin – Tough (body), Defensive Tactics (mind)
  • Elfkin – Keen Sighted (body), Arcane Focus (mind)
  • Feline – Resolute (body), Desert Adaptation (mind)
  • Goblinoid – Fast Recuperation (body), Sneaky (mind)
  • Halfling – Quick Reflexes (body), Elusive (mind)
  • Human – Fast Recuperation (body), Adaptable (mind)
  • Molekin – Bulwark (body), Underground Adaptation (mind)
  • Orcoid – Strong (body), Ferocious (mind)
  • Ratkin – Quick Reflexes (body), Overwhelm Tactics (mind)
  • Toadkin – Resilient (body), Water Adaptation (mind)

Body Traits

  • Bulwark – Defense Mode adds +2 Magic and Physical resistance
  • Fast Recuperation – Heal +5 HP every turn on the world map
  • Hearty – +10 HP
  • Keen Sighted – +20% accuracy on Physical Ranged and Magic attacks
  • Quick Reflexes – You are 30% harder to hit by ranged attacks.
  • Resilient – +3 Status Resistance
  • Resistant – +2 Magic Defense
  • Resolute – Negative status effects last for -1 Turn, with a minimum of 1
  • Strong – +10% Physical Melee and Ranged damage
  • Tough – +2 Physical Defense
  • Nightmare Mounts
  • Spider Mounts
  • Unicorn Mounts
  • Wolf Mounts

Mind Traits

  • Adaptable – +30% XP gained
  • Arcane Focus – Magical Attacks deal +15% damage
  • Cold Blooded – Reduces morale loss from all sources by 50%
  • Defensive Tactics – +1 Defense and Resistance when standing next to a friendly unit with Defensive Tactics. This does not stack.
  • Elusive – +6 Defense and Resistance against Retaliation Attacks and Opportunity Attacks
  • Fast Initiative – Units can move up to 6 hexes on the first turn
  • Ferocious – +40% damage via Retaliation Attacks and Opportunity Attacks
  • Overwhelm Tactics – +20% Critical Hit chance when standing next to a friendly unit with Overwhelm Tactics. This does not stack.
  • Sneaky – +25% damage on Flanking attacks.
  • Tenacious – Damage penalties from Casualties are halved.
  • Arctic Adaptation – Snow and Ice terrain costs -2 Move Points. Can build Farms on Snow terrain.
  • Desert Adaptation – Sand terrain costs -2 Move Points. Able to build Farms on Sand terrain
  • Underground Adaptation – Cavern Floors cost -2 Move Points. Able to build Farms on Cavern Floors.
  • Water Adaptation – Swamp terrain costs -2 Move Points. Able to build Farms on Swamp terrain.
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