Age of Wonders 4 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

For snowballing, pick aka create a nation with Imperial Influence gain, and income from vassals.

Than rush build Outpost->city->release vassal.

You have 3 city cap, so you can more or less rush build in two direction with ourpost->city->release vassal.

This way you secure the map with highest income possible, and income is more units, spells and knowledge.

Rush your capital with this income to max building, and only add a real second city to your roaster, when you run out of space for more vassals.

Don’t be afraid to hire a second hero on the 1st turn. The upkeep is only 30 gold and the advantage of getting another hero leveled, grabbing more resources, and making outposts is priceless.

The only faction I have found where tier 1 to 2 stacks aren’t as viable are with Mystics. The difference between their tier 1 and tier 3 is huge. Rush tier 3 to roll through content. Most factions can use tier 1 to 2 well into the early late game.

Combat Summons are the most powerful magics you can grab. The weaver skill is amazing because it lets you double summon tier 3 units.

The most powerful Tier V books are Dark, Life, and Order. Their ability to raise all your dead units in an epic battle is literally game changing. Dark is the most powerful because it rezzes all your units and all the enemy units and puts them under your control as zombies.

If you have multiple units sieging a city, you can pull a unit out and pillage something before the siege ends. Normally I don’t pillage unless I have spec’d for it, but you should ALMOST ALWAYS pillage spell jammers before the siege turn window ends.

There’s an achievement for winning a high risk battle manually. Use a 6 stack scout. They can flank at range and they get high risk encounters against low quality units. Just keep going for flank attacks and it should pop this achievement easily.

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