Aliens: Dark Descent – Best Perks

Best Perks

Top perks are accuracy followed by crit. You want these as high as you can get. Flares are god tier for a reason.

One offs: tough (1 hp) – only if your less then 7 hp, redemption (if your trait is really bad).

Extra 1 hp perk due to later missions requiring combat (they are story missions where you will be completing objectives over multiple rooms with a constant detection) If your hp isn’t high enough when you get things like 3 warriors climbing a railing next to you, your basically going to lose a guy. Generally I see 7ish to comfy 8 as being more then enough for that oh ♥ situation.

Redemption is basically required on some people. guns jamming, bad accuracy, losing health or equipment or worse. Stressing out others. Redemption should be popped if the perk isn’t something you can easily work around.

Stress is easily managed with a sergent. At lv 6 they can pop a ability that simply stops stress from increasing squad wise for 30 seconds. That with small rests from time to time will keep your troops fighting fit. After chapter 2 you can remove traumas from combat on the otega. So I wouldn’t waste time on the anti trauma perk.

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