Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Kill Queen in Dead Hills

Tips on Defeating Queen in Dead Hills

Grenade the eggs. As soon as you get in there they will ping on the motion tracker. There’s at least one really good grouping of them, and then you just need to focus fire any remaining facehuggers.

It might be slightly tricky where you need to manuever your guys around the queen, but once the facehuggers are dead its a lot more straightforward.

If you have an incinerator I think that can help as you can lay down a wall of fire.

Smartgunner can get an upgrade that increases the suppressive fire ability for your entire squad.

Sergeant can get an upgrade where you can get an additional command point which brings your number to either 4 or 5, i dont really recall.

If you can manage to throw down your sentry turrets then thats also going to help immeasurably.

Then lastly use the remaining 3 or 4 command points to yeet grenades from the M41 under slung grenade launcher at the queen. Also making sure your marines are not tweaking off their ass from stress will help too in that fight.

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