Angels with Scaly Wings – The Last Hope Mod Walkthrough

All Endings Walkthrough

Ending A

This ending is a bit complicated to get in comparison to the other endings. You will first have to complete either ending B or ending C first, then get either ending D or ending E. Once you unlocked those endings, a new option will appear at the start of Chapter 3A. Select that option and you will be put on the Ending A route. This route will change several aspects of the main story, so I recommend you play through without skipping.

In addition, if you’ve completed an ending of The Last Dragon beforehand, you’ll unlock a new option when talking to Bryce when both the player and Logan are at the portal near the end of Chapter 3A. Select the option “This sounds very serious. Shouldn’t you deal with it now?” and you’ll alter the Ending A route. You will also have an option to continue this alternate route in Chapter 4A by choosing the “I’ll gladly help.” if you were already on this special route. If you stay on the alternate route until the end, you will get a special choice during the final meeting with Emera. Chose the option “I’d like to return home for a while.” to activate a variation of Ending A.

It is worth to mention that you can also get a “False Ending A” depending on how you spend your time with Remy during your playthrough. There are three different variations in total with different levels of severity. The only tip I have for them is this: Think about how you could get the two bad endings and act like that during the Ending A route. Different levels of being a prick leads to different results.

Ending B

Ending B is simple to unlock: Play through at least two of Remy’s dates successfully and play Chapter 4B successfully. You will also need to successfully beat the generator minigame in Chapter 4A.

Ending C

Ending B can be unlocked similarly to Ending B: Successfully beat the generator minigame in Chapter 4A, but do not play/fail two of Remy’s dates. Alternatively, you can also successfully save the generator and fail Chapter 4B to get the same result.

If you finished Ending C of The Last Dragon, you will also get a small bonus interaction at the end of this route.

Ending D

For Ending D: Play through at least two of Remy’s dates successfully and play Chapter 4B successfully, though fail the generator minigame in Chapter 4A.

Ending E

Ending E can, unsurprisingly, be unlocked similarly to Ending D: ]Do not play/fail two of Remy’s dates or fail Chapter 4B, and fail the generator minigame in Chapter 4A.

Note: Chapter 4B does not count as a date with Remy. Chapters 1B, 2B and 3B do.


If you’re struggling to successfully beat the Chapter 4A minigame, then this order should guarantee you a victory. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to win, however it’s one that will work every time. The order is as following: Stability, Power, Power, Temperatures, Sparks, Stability, Sparks, Sparks, Temperatures, Temperatures, Stability, Power, Sparks, Stability, Power.

Considering the size of The Last Hope, there are a lot of small details depending on what you do in every route. Choosing Sebastian as your escort in Chapter 2A by remaining silent could have an influence on the talk with Maverick after you helped him during his trial if you played your cards right. Maybe some things you did in in the base game could change small details, like refusing to drink with Bryce and going on the game’s teetotaler route, or not choosing the special at the start of the game. Experiment and find out, or if you’re lazy, just ask me about a certain thing. Anything goes, to be fair.

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