Anvil Saga – How to Upgrade the Stall

Tips for Upgrading the Stall

To upgrade the stall, first you need to reach 50 fame and it costs 200 coins.

To upgrade fame, go into the hammer building menu, then into the paint brush room design menu, then upgrade as much as you can in every room you can. You’ll need to add more rooms to meet the 50 max fame minimum.

Rooves, walls, doors and ladders can all be upgraded in every room and every such upgrade increases your maximum fame by a set number of points.

Fill your fame by fulfilling orders.

Once you’ve reached 50/50 fame, go into the add new room button and add the room on the workplace in front of the house.

Doing this increases your maximum bar storage and room limit, gives you access to more and better furniture, as well as completing the quest.

Keep in mind that you can only upgrade the stall once in the current EA version of the game. As the game gets updated with new content, that will change.

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