Anvil Saga – Negotiating Explained

How Does Negotiating Work?

There’s no deeper mechanic to negotiating. If you have the perk that shows a gold shimmer for a negotiable offer, then there’s no downside at all to it, you just say no to their first offer, and you get a couple more coins. Isn’t really a huge boost, and I started just ignoring it anyway.

Debts just have the person come back later, I believe the next day, then say something to you and pay. It’s incredibly easy to miss them coming back, as the dialog is just a little chat bubble kinda thing, and they leave right after. Only is there for a second or two at max speed.

Also, just as a tip, it seems that accepting orders from english/french that involve weapons can affect the story. It could be something else happening that I’m not aware of, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Remember: English will have a red border around the item (not the whole offer card), and French have blue. I don’t think items that aren’t weapons matter, but I could have just not noticed.

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