Archaelund – How to Make the Game Easier

Tips for Difficulty

Some helpful tips to make the game easier:

Equip the weapons laying around. Right where you start, you can get two clubs and one knife. After the first fight you can get a bow and a shield.

Make at least one character with high hp and STR 7+, put him in front.

Have a caster that can be decisive in close fights. A charmer is very good in crowd controlling, or an apprentice in taking out enemies.

It really makes a huge difference!

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  1. I noticed that based on the % to hit, you need more minmaxing. 7+ on main attributes are desired.

    Most initial area mobs are at the 63-73% to hit (before avoidance). While they will miss some hits, feels like most combats are a DPS check so far, so, missing a hit hurts you a lot.

    I was surprised with the enemies high to hit, to be honest.

    OT> Ranged feels a bit too weak with the initial bow.

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