ARK: Survival Ascended – Fix for Dinos Stuck Under Ground

Having an issue (single player) where tames are randomly getting stuck underground. How to Fix?

Solution for Dinos Stuck Under Ground

Seems like the dinos randomly fall through the object (Detailed cliffs, rocks) but remain standing on the solid terrain.

Just open console, use ghost command to walk into and mount the dino, use ghost command again to fly the mount out of the rock/terrain, now use walk command to drop it on the ground, dismount and walk again so you don’t fall through the terrain. If you do, no worries, game will push you back up.

Note: If this is about smaller dinos, do it with an Argy/Ptera, Mount the flyer, ghost when mounted, fly into the terrain, grab what you need, fly out, drop and use walk to make the flyer “normal” again.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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