ARK: Survival Ascended – How to Change Stack Sizes

How to Make Stacks Bigger with Ini Settings



This is for items that stack by default. Re-stack required.




This is for items that do not stack by default. This example is for honey. An entry in the game.ini is required for every item type you want to make stackable. Be aware that stacking messes with spoil time, duration etc.


As this is ark-typically buggy as hell too, you lose everything overflowing when reducing stack sizes. This applies both to general multiplier “ItemStackSizeMultiplier=” as well with custom stacks with the “ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity” method.

E.g. I’m using ItemStackSizeMultiplier=4 which results in metal ingot stacks of 1200. Heavy as heck. I reduced the stack size with the “ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity” setting to 200, and quess what, all stacks were just hard capped to 200 now. Thank you for nothing.

If you want to reduce stack sizes, you must reduce ALL existing stacks by hand PRIOR to change settings. Means distribute them over a lot of storages. Almost impossible if you have large amount of stacks.

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