ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the Balteus Boss

Balteus Boss Fight Tips

I have beaten him and my foolproof, boneheaded, idiot brain strategy for bad pilots like me is: Dual Pulse Guns. Dual Shoulder Laser Cannons. Quad Legs. You’ll also need the expensive 400k generator to power all this crap.

He has a lot of attacks. Too many, really. It does help to become familiar with them though. If you can’t though don’t worry about it. Just do your best. Some lucky RNG and you’ll still be able to burst him down.

Fight Starts:

Get in close, hold down the buttons for ALL FOUR weapons. Your fingers might be in some awkward positions but it’s necessary. Burst DPS him. When they are on overheat, play defensively and focus on dodging.

At half health he does a huge AoE, gets his shield back, and gains new attacks. Many of which are completely ridiculous and the only advice I have is: Stay on him. Burst burst burst.


  1. Killing Baltheus feels GREAT and it makes you far better at the game learning to do it. I gave up on it on stream and was very happy a friend gave me an excuse to quit by playing LoL.

    After he got off League I went back and slowly got better and eventually beat it. Changing my build to be better vs him, and learning how to adapt to the second phase was huge. I loved this and am glad it’s as difficult as it is.

  2. My solution was just ram into his face on repeat with the assault kick. Even without the shield breaker gun it does good dmg to the shield and is fast to reuse. your also going to be assault boosting anyway into his face constantly as it’s the best way to dodge the rocket spam. if you manage to get on his rear he’s basically useless as all his dmg comes from the front. Second phase though… thats basically where I just rammed my head into him till he died. There is too many staggered attacks that can perfectly be timed to *** you over. I just used two vert launchers on my shoulders as they track him well and do okay dmg to the shield without slowing you down.

  3. Went tank, fitted the biggest shoulder cannons i could get, main hand off hand were pulse weapons to destroy the shield, once staggered used shoulder cannons.

    not familiar with tank but took a couple tries to get used to that.

    just gotta make sure to stay away in phase 2 for a wee bit while he goes all mad with the flame stuff

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