The Enforcer Fighting Tips

You have to be aggressive with him. A suggestion for you is to always keep to HIS left as if you go to HIS right he can hit you with those laser shots so get use to the bubbles. Next is to stay a bit close and try to get him to melee you as all you have to do is hover above him during those so you get an easy window to build stagger and punish.

Finally, have a good weapon to punish during those stagger phases whether its a melee or some heavy hitting charge gun or shoulder weapon (cannons etc). A good weapon to build stagger is good too unless you are already rocking serious firepower.

In a nutshell, treat this guy like an AC on drugs but if you keep fighting him and observe his patterns, you will be able to take him down.

But If you do want to make it easier:

The Enforcer is quite durable to most of your damage types. It takes ~74% damage from Kinetic, ~107% from Energy, and ~58% from Explosive. Your melee weapon is the only thing that isn’t taking a pretty significant hit from its DR. High Direct Hit mod can bypass defenses after a stagger but you might have a much easier time if you swap to an all Energy Weapon loadout… As long as it isn’t too huge a departure from your playstyle (resulting in needing to relearn how to fight, as it were).

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