ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the HA-T-102 Juggernaut Boss

HA-T-102 Juggernaut Boss Fight Tips

First, gotta hit it in the back or you’re gonna do nothing to it. A fun thing is that you can actually jump on top of it and unload whatever ranged weapons you have directly it its butt while sitting on it.

Build a superlight mech around the light weight reverse-joint legs you have at that point with dual smgs and laser cannon + missiles on the shoulders, use the default cpu and the largest battery you have.

Now you get your doom cricket and just jump and boost over it while constantly drilling its back with your smgs, keep your laser cannon charged and unload it whenever you have a guaranteed shot or it’s staggered, missiles will often hit its back since they hit from above.


  1. two bazookas and the 8 stack rocket pods rocket pods till stunned then bazookas to the back or fly up and aim and shoot him in the head as u fly over him , then second form fly over him using the rocket pods and bazookas to wreck him in the head .

  2. Focus on getting near him (could hover over his head if you wanted to make it quicker). Once you’ve closed the distance, you can pretty much hug him and keep going around him with quick boost. He won’t be able to keep up until he starts charging or backing up. Even then that takes him a second to get moving.

    For reference, I had him next to one of the invisible walls the whole fight and he didn’t really go far from there.

  3. try to get close to him while dodging. The knife does massive damage, especially posture/stagger damage. Once hes staggered, thats your window

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