ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the Helicopter Boss

Helicopter Boss Fight Tips

If you’re new, I hope this helps. Full credit goes to Yuki for the great tips. I hope more veterans follow their example, instead of being toxic to newcomers.

Apparently, shooting your gun and missiles at the same time is possible. You can also assault boost while in combat, I thought it was just an out of combat thing.

If you assault boost and shoot missiles and your gun at the same time, you deal Extra Stagger Damage. Then as you get close, spam your blade. I took out 50% of the bosses health in one approach with that strat. It was insane and lovely. Boss died in 3 boosts.

So, bait the missiles, then jump and fly. You can dodge boost if you need to. After the missiles explode, assault boost, shoot gun + missiles, do 2 hits with blade when you get close. Hide from machine gun fire behind cover.

This is what I did to win, and knowing this helped me drop the stupid thing in under a minute.

The invisible red border that only shows up when you touch it is an insane design choice. That needs a change, because in the arena you fight this thing in, it is not infinitive at all.

Newcomers: Stay Strong! We are being attacked from all sides in the game and on the forums. Block any toxic bullies, and embrace users like Yuki who are going out of their way to help us fledglings get off our feet and learn this insane game.

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