ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – How to Beat the Sea Spider Boss

Sea Spider Boss Fight Tips

Phase #1

If it lunges in IN THE AIR at you, dodge forward and under it when its coming down.

If it lunges at you ON THE GROUND, dodge forward left or forward right to avoid it.

If its gun is pointed toward you it will either do a dual blast you have to dodge twice, or a vertical slash you dodge once.

If its gun is pointed to the side and charging it will do a horizontal slash you need to boost up to avoid

Phase #2

The tetra legs are the best here, because you can stay airborn and avoid his little top like spinning slashes, and the giant lazer blast he does at the ground can’t target you.

I did tetra legs, 2 plasma rifles, 2 cruise missile shoulders.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Use x2 gatling guns and x2 songbirds, I used the quad legs and then just hover above the boss so the melee attacks cant hit you and just blast it. Sink your OS chips into explosive or Kinetic damage.

  2. I finally won with my ultralight melee build. It was not fun, do not recommend. Basically luck when I won getting good boss attacks so I could out dps it. I’m estimating it was in the 150-200 attempt range. If you could quick boost down after a melee attack, fight would be 50 times easier.

  3. Killed it pretty easily with Bipedal, double Plasma guns and double Plasma launchers on the second try.
    The boss is mostly almost stationary and I stayed at mid/long range.

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