Strider Fight Tips

Here’s the easiest way to clear that mission I found:

The laser is blocked by large obstacles. There are a few big pole things on the way that will act as cover.

Once you knock out the knee (you have to get to the side and can’t go from behind) you can hug the body when it fires to avoid blasts while you take out the generators.

Once those are done, you go all the way forward, coming up next to it and you can dodge in close and stay to its side when it fires. Then it can’t hit you. After it fires, just step out and unload into the middle, rinse, repeat, finish.

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  1. L3 analog-press to engage ASSAULT BOOST… Rapidly approach.
    When the beam sweeps towards you, start tapping the left analog to one side to twirl/roll to said side and evade the beam.

    Also note that depending on the angle of approach, the beam may be blocked off not just by terrain but by the massive strider’s own body itself. Approach from the right side of the map/mech towards the last few buildings and the laser beam is blocked by the shoulder of the strider.

    Some folks achieve much the same by going to the left.

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