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Dodging is your first layer of defense, worth mastering.

Where your aiming your target lock, where your fire control is aiming when locked, and where you need to shoot to lead the enemy so you hit them are 3 of the 5 things about aiming you need to know to hit a target that isn’t standing still.

If using a controller, set your controls so you can easily use the dodge/boost and all weapons, so you don’t have to take your fingers off the joysticks.

Freedom of movement, don’t just move on a flat axis, that way is the way of losing funds, don’t just go up, go up and left/right, don’t just strafe back, ZIG and ZAG using your thrusters

Don’t forget that you can go up. That seems obvious but a lot of newer players take a while to actually incorporate going up and down into their gameplay when it’s not directly forced.

Get comfortable with the idea of trying new build ideas to tackle specific situations. Try not to get married to your first build (or honestly any build).

Don’t be a trigger-happy. Weapons have different effective range and projectile speed just as Fire Control Systems provide varied range assists. You will need to consciously read the targeting ui at first to get know-how when the timing is to shoot. The more you pay attention, sooner the graduated.

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