ASTLIBRA Revision – Tips for Chapter 6 Miniboss

Chapter 6 Miniboss: 4 Relic Golems

The general tip for this boss is ‘walk to the left for 10 seconds or so’. You’re not expected to win this fight.

If you REALLY want to win for some reason, use low ST spells and abuse energy drain. You’ll absolutely want to have Sylphid active to keep your generation high.

If your ST cap is high, your best damage is going to be the dark lightning spell. Use Chicken Heart to narrow the lightning spread so you can hit all the golems with all 4 lightning procs, instead of one or two of them being spread out.

The reason I say high ST cap is you’re going to want to have a safety net to energy drain with in case one of more golems does the spam attack which will very quickly kill you if you don’t.

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