Can all equipment be traded freely? (Are there any equipment binding or loot binding?)

As long as an item is not bound, it can be freely traded. Most equipment in the game is set as bind-on-equip, but some equipment (such as those obtained through quests or dungeon monsters) are set as bind-on-pickup.

Is there any equipment set? Does wearing a set provide any bonuses?

Yes, wearing a set will grant various different ability bonuses.

Does equipment have different qualities?

Currently, the available equipment is divided into five qualities:

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Gold

In addition to having different abilities, each quality has different maximum star levels for fortification and different fortification effects.

After changing classes, do I need to change weapons?

No need to worry, the weapons in Astral Tale are all [transforming weapons], and they will directly change according to the class.

What should I do if the durability of the equipment reaches 0?

You can find merchants to repair equipment. If you don’t repair it, you won’t be able to equip or use skills.

Are the crafted equipment divided into good and bad quality?

Equipment will have different percentage value bonuses based on the quality of the equipment. The higher the percentage value bonus, the better the equipment.

You can also increase the percentage value bonus of equipment through the “Equipment Fusion” feature.

How much fortification will have the glow effect?

Fortifying to 3 stars (+30) will have a glowing special effect.

How can equipment be fortified in the game? What is the maximum level of fortification?

Click on the [Gear Evolution Scroll] in your backpack, and select the equipment you want to fortify. Press the [Start Fortify] button to begin the fortification process.

The fortification stage varies depending on the quality of the equipment, with a maximum of five stars. If fortification fails, the equipment will not be damaged, and you will receive [Potential Points].

When the [Potential Points] reach 100, the fortification level of the equipment will increase by 1.

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