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General / Gameplay

Is there a couple system?

After becoming a couple, players will be able to learn exclusive couple skills and receive a couple coin daily. Players can purchase “Love Envelopes” from the Couple’s Merchant Lilian in the Royal City of Arcadia. Inside the envelope, there are skill-exclusive items called “Promise Rings” which will be consumed when using couple skills.

The party who initiates the breakup will receive the effect of “Heartless Breakup” and will not be able to become a couple with other players for 24 hours.

Can the mission be reaccepted after abandoning it?

You can still re-accept the same quest from the NPC after abandoning it, but there are certain specific quests that cannot be abandoned.

How do I set up the tour badge?

Please use a 24-bit BMP format image file with dimensions of 32 x 32 pixels, and click on the guild interface (G) to select “Set Badge” to upload the guild badge.

To remove the background, you can set the background to Red:255, Green:0, Blue:255.

How to create a guild and do guild badges exist?

When character reaches Level 20, press (G) to open the guild interface and spend 100 gold. If you have a guild badge, use a 32-pixel BMP file.

Will character death decrease the level?

Character death will NOT decrease the character’s level or character experience.

Is there another way to move if I don’t want to keep clicking the mouse to walk?

You can move using the arrow keys WASD.

What should I do if I accidentally sell my items to the shop?

Please have another dialogue with the store and choose “Buy Back”. Select the mistakenly sold item and right-click to redeem it.

  • If you do not buy back the item after it has been mistakenly sold and go offline, switch channels, return to character selection, or log back in, you will not be able to buy it back again.
  • The buyback store can only retain the data of the 10 most recently sold items. If the selling time of the item is not within the top 10 in the buyback store, then that sold item cannot be bought back again.

Is there an auction system in the game?

Yes, you can use the NPC “Auction House” in the trading area of the Royal City of Arcadia.

Can stalls be set up in the game?

After reaching Level 20, you can set up a stall near the “Stall Area” (517.233) in “The Royal City of Arcadia”.

Is there an Mail Box in game? Where can I find it?

Level 20 is required to use it. It can be found in the bottom left corner of the mini-map in the top right.

Where is the setting for receiving channel messages?

Click on “Channel Settings” at the bottom of the chat box to choose the channels and messages you want to view.

How do I separate items into piles?

Select the item, Press “Shift + Left Click” or click on the stack button in the inventory slot to split the item.

How can I expand my backpack or bank?

Players can increase the number of slots in their backpack (bank warehouse) by completing quests in the game or purchasing bags from the in-game store.

What is the purpose of titles? How can I obtain titles?

Titles often come with additional abilities, which can help players defeat monsters more easily. Titles can be obtained by completing quests or achieving certain accomplishments.

The additional abilities are cumulative, meaning the more titles you obtain, the more additional abilities you will gain.

How can I quickly reach different maps? Are there any items that can quickly return to the city or teleport to different maps?

You can quickly travel to other maps using the “Furval Rapid Service” in each map.

How to obtain a new class? Can classes be switched between each other?

At the beginning, Player can obtain 8 classes. By completing main quests, can unlock new classes. The classes that your character possesses can be freely changed through the class interface.

How to Use Auto-Pathfinding?

  • Open the map interface (M), select the designated NPC or monster from the menu at the top, and then click on the icon’s “Auto Pathfinding” button.
  • In the quest tracking interface, Click on the quest target, and the character will head to the target’s location.

What should I do if I can’t find the NPC’s location?

Open the map (M) and Use the NPC filter function to find the NPC’s name, and there will be hints for the NPC’s location in the interface.


By completing quests and defeating monsters, you can gain experience points to level up your class. When your class level increases by 1, you will receive 1 Specializations point.

What are character level and class level?

Leveling up your character allows you to equip better gear and undertake missions that correspond to your level. Leveling up your class grants you more powerful skills and Specialization points.

How do I use auto Pathfinding?

  • Open the map interface (M), select the specified NPC or monster from the dropdown menu at the top, and then click the “Auto Pathfinding” button icon.
  • In the quest tracking interface, click on the quest objective with the left mouse button, and the character will proceed to the location of the objective.

Can I change name?

Sorry, currently the game does not provide a name-changing service. If relevant services are available in the future, we will make an announcement.

Achievement System

There are many ways and types to complete achievements. It could be defeating a world boss, crafting equipment, completing quests, raiding dungeons, or just having fun.

After obtaining an achievement, you can obtain corresponding abilities or rewards. When you reach 100%, you will receive unexpected Rewards.

What is Archive?

Archive is where let specific costumes or equipments can be collected and stored. It’s shared among all characters under the same account. Player can open Archive through other characters within the same account, take out the items and equip them. In addition, the items stored in Archive will generally maintain their original binding status.

What is engraving system? How to obtain engraving?

The production of engraving is a professional skill exclusive to the ‘Bear’ race. You can create engravings in the corresponding slot, which can increase various attribute values of the player.

How do I change my Class?

After pressing the Class (K) button to open the interface, the list of Class will appear on the left.and click “Switch”.

Different Class may have different requirements, such as character level or prerequisite of Class levels. There will be a short cooldown after changing Class.

What is an Class license?

Raising your Class level can earn you an Class license.

Class licenses have different ability bonuses. If you change Class, you can still wear the Class licenses you have Collect.

Why can’t I level up my occupatoin level?

You can’t level up Class level if character level is lower than it. Please raise your character level first then raise your Class level.

How to split items?

You can split stacks by using “Shift + Left Click” on the item.

How do I expand my backpack and warehouse slots?

You can obtain item through specific missions or mall to expand bakcpack.

As for warehouse slots, you can purchase it through Item Mall.

What are the uses of reputation or titles and how to obtain them?

Reputation can be obtained by completing quests or repeatable quests, and can be used to purchase reputation-exclusive items.

You can obtain titles through completing quests, defeating monsters, and other ways.

They provide additional passive abilities to make characters stronger.

Can I force other players to have a battle with me?

Currently, it is not possible. Player only initiate a duel with another player by clicking on their icon and select “Duel”.

Can’t find the location of an NPC, what do I do?

You can use the map (M) to filter and find the location of the NPC.

What is the standard for server time?

The following are the time zones that each of the server in Astral Tale:

  • 碧藍星01(中文)GMT+8
  • アイナ01 (JP)GMT+9
  • Azure Star01 (EN) GMT-5

Please be noted that all the timed event will be held according to the time we mentioned above!

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