ASTRAL TALE – PC Controls (Hotkeys)

Hotkeys and Commands


  • Open Character Interface (C)
  • Open Backpack Interface (B)
  • Open Skill Interface (K)
  • Open Specialization Interface (J)
  • Open Starstone Interface (P)
  • Open Senshi Interface (N)
  • Open Guild Interface (G)
  • Open Journal (Quest) Interface (L)
  • Open Life Certification Interface (V)
  • Open Terracottage Management Interface (H)
  • Open Map (M)
  • Open Community Interface (O)
  • Open Shop Interface (I)


  • Close all game interface displays (Alt + H)
  • Switch target to self or teammate (F1-F5)
  • Select nearest target, can switch between nearby targets (Tab)
  • Game screenshot (PrintScreen)
  • Close all opened interfaces (Esc)

How to quickly switch between different types of channels (hotkeys)?

  • Hot key Ctrl+S is for General channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+P is for Team channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+G is for Guild channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+Y is for Area channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+W is for World channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+T is for Trade channel.
  • Hot key Ctrl+R is for quick reply whisper.

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