How do you switch Senshi characters during combat? And how do you summon or cancel Battle Stance?

Players can switch to combatant’s Senshi for battle by using the Senshi combat interface in the horizontal frame of the game interface or by using the hotkeys F9, F10, and F11.

In the Senshi combat interface, players can switch by right-clicking with the mouse.

What are the functions of the Senshi management interface?

This interface allows players to place the desired Senshi characters, fortify and evolve Senshi characters, and drag Senshi skills for combatant’s use.

If equipped with three Senshi, you will be able to use the Senshi Ultimate Move of all three Senshi.

What are the functions of Senshi?

Through the Senshi management interface, you can place the desired Senshi characters, use their related skills, and even accept related quests inside the cottage.

How can I activate the Senshi system and obtain Senshi?

After completing the main quest “Lv.10 Former Guardian,” you can unlock the Senshi system and obtain your first Senshi character.

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