Can I select multiple Starstones to disassemble?

Yes. Players can disassemble multiple starstones by pressing the Ctrl key on the keyboard and left-clicking on the mouse in the disassembly interface.

What functions does the Starstone system have?

Players can activate the Starstone system to disassemble Starstones and obtain Starstone experience points, enhance the strength of Starstone through Starstone refinement, and advance the level of Starstones.

Will the Starstone also be converted when changing to a different Class?

No, the Starstone system will correspond to the current class. After changing classes, players will need to rearrange their Starstones.

What categories of Starstone are there?

Currently, Is divided into three types: Trigon, Diamond,Orb and Ancient Starstone. Each type has four variations: red, green, blue, and yellow, making a total of 16 Starstones.

How do I activate the Starstone system?

After completing the Main quest “Lv.8 Scarlet Apostle,” the Starstone system will be unlocked. Players can obtain various types of Starstones through monster drops, quest rewards.

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