ASTRAL TALE – Terracottage FAQ


How do I leave the Terracottage?

Players can open the Terracottage interface, click on ‘Leave’ in the bottom right corner, or engage in a conversation with NPC-Marisa and choose to leave.

The purpose of the blank space in the cabin interface

Players can place Senshi characters in the Terracottage interface and, thereafter, can receive related quests from Senshi within the Terracottage.

How do I enter the Greenhouse, Main Hall, and Workshop?

Players can enter the Greenhouse, Main Hall, and Workshop by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the Terracottage interface or by engaging in a conversation with NPC-Marisa within the Terracottage and selecting the desired floor.

What functions does the Terracottage system have?

Currently, there are three levels open Player can use the Greenhouse to grow crops and process them, set up furniture and place the Community Chest in the Lobby, and use the Workshop for alchemy and clothing processing functions.

How do I activate the cottage system?

After completing the main quest “Lv.21 Terracottage,” the cottage system will be unlocked.

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