Backpack Battles – Guide to Basic Necromancy

Basic Necromancy Guide

To start a necromancy build the first thing you’ll need will be a Dark Item (I personally recommend the gloves) after that when you level up you may get the Necromancy skill as an upgrade and from then on different perquisites are needed to unlock the next abilities.

First of all if you want to deal extra damage you should pick Dark Mage.

If you want to compliment a health build I recommend consume friends, skeleton shields and shared blood (Even if it steals 3 str when you pick it up) a good addition is frozen army to make the enemies slower.

If you want to compliment a damage build I recommend flash friends, necromaster, skeleTOns, undead horde and Friend combustion (This last one is really important).

Also if you have a lot of luck, shared power becomes really good.

Down here you have a chart of the skill tree of the necromancy ability and the perquisites.

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