Balatro – Best Seeds

The Best Balatro Seeds from the Community


Great 4 of a kind builder really early The Family. You can find the joker in the buffoon pack in the first shop after the 300 blind. There is also a quite hard boss at 40000 because of the draw cards facedown blind.


(Triple Obelisk). Not a record breaking seed, but definitely a fun one. Managed to get Obelisk early on and then use a spectral pack to make a copy. Found the copy joker a little later.


Stone Card High Card Run. Marble Joker + Super Nova + Hologram + Stone Joker + Driver’s License.


Bust a Nutty Run- VAgabond>Brainstorm>Hack>Credic card>Fibinacci. First Post on the server- Get 8-6 FH into the two arcana packs, then min-max the Vagabond and this deck is absoluely CRACKED. it was my first run with it and no run prep, so i have no idea how high this could go- but heres a photo at ante 4 before fibinacci. MAke sure to skip the polychrome blind on Ante 2 for odd todd, and plenty of justice 5s will roll your way. if you want to see how deep this one can get, dont break too many 5s. best hand with it was 3.8 billion before the 5s started breaking. Ill probably grind it tomorrow before i buy the game, but what a gem.


Double X5 Hologram Anaglyph Deck. So you buy a hologram joker, double it with ankh in the first spectral pack and then add as many cards as possible to get x5 on both.


Stupidly Excessive Polychrome Joker Run. Using Rocket to stack money early on, getting the higher frequency of fancy jokers voucher and going ham. I even had to sell two other polychrome jokers along the way just to make room.


Early scaling Mult multiplicator. Pretty sure it can go much higher if played well.


Insane skipping seed maybe for speedrun. It is very possible to beat this seed while skipping every single time you just need to not bring anaglyph deck since you can’t afford the polychrome throwback.


A lot of good uncommon jokers+ baseball+bs. Seed has fibonacci after negative skip and reroll in the shop. Also has throwback,hologram, trousers,banner, and awesome combination with BS and baseball. Scores 2 million.


Easy negative Fibonacci. Skip first two blinds, buy poly credit card, reroll into neg fib.


Red Seal + Glass + Flush 5 lvl 40+] fun seed i did on abandoned deck. Аirst time doing abandoned deck and first time doing endless, got lvl 40+ flush 5. Love to see how high someone could get this up to, please let me know (def higher than me).


(Ghost Deck Amazing Start). Two canio with polychrome after the first round. Make sure you finish the first round in one hand, to have 10 dollars for the show.


Stupid easy abandoned deck high card seed, if you have pretty significant unlocks. I picked up Ride The Bus and Stuntman pretty early, and then baseball card and an assortment of other uncommons (eventually holographic burglar and I cycled through some others before settling on Card Sharp.) Also got telescope/observatory vouchers. I was just like … click any high card, play, 24k points. Click any high card, play, 84k points. And so on. Cleared ante 10 with no trouble.

Two Legendary Jokers in the First Shop

20 seeds with two legendary Jokers in the first shop (Yellow Deck).

  • 111FQ2HP
  • 111GAVX6
  • 1116BFJH
  • 111GOK2N
  • 111GFZJZ
  • 111GJ741
  • 111HJI1N
  • 111HBJ8E
  • 1116BLJ6
  • 1116S2MS
  • 1116Q51R
  • 111I7DCO
  • 1116K1M3
  • 1116WTF2
  • 1116STN5
  • 111IZ5KF
  • 1117DA8Y
  • 111JK7YS
  • 111JVOHO
  • 1117A93T

Lots of Support for World / Moon / Star / Sun Tarot Cards


  • [AG8WPG89] Double Throwback + Brainstorm
  • [NDSQZT8D]
  • [KTB4XYCD]
  • [ZWAE4J3U]
  • [NEC6K17Y]


  • [HUUNWTJN] Swashbuckler + Gift Card and Vagabond + Fortune Teller double combo.


  • [7C52ZSMY]
  • [PAZLK9P5]
  • [ET7PLJ78]


  • [1T7R7E91]
  • [35Y7ZEGA]
  • [UDRNLCNV] Glass Poly Ace
  • [QM1UHBJ2]
  • [JD12WA9N] There are a lot of Hearts to be found here! 3 Negative Jokers!
  • [6CB6ZLKU] Baseball synergy as a bonus!
  • [GIZZDN4U]


  • [NFAL81NQ] Spades seems like the way to go, but needs more exploring…
  • [W74439F8]

Any / All Suits:

  • [LPFE9TH4] Take Your Pick!


What’s the point of playing seeds, can you at least unlock achievements?

Seeds are always for high score run, not for unlocking achievements. This has been the case since the first Demo.

How to replay the tutorial?

If you forgot something or played the tutorial a long time ago the only way to do it again for now is to use the seed TUTORIAL. That feels like a hidden feature and the tutorial should not be hidden in any way.

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