Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Classes for Beginners

Best Classes for Noobs

Probably the most basic and easiest character you could play as a new player to BG3 (or perhaps even D&D) would be Human Fighter with Champion or Battlemaster subclass and the soldier background.

  • Human(or Shield Dwarf) – Human is the baseline race, no “weird” racial abilities to learn, no social interaction penalties, but shield dwarf makes a better fighter because it adds Dark Vision, Dwarven Resilience and boosts to strength/constitution
  • Fighter (Champion/Battlemaster) – Tanky, abilities are straightforward, no spell books or anything to learn, can wear most armor and use most weapons.
  • Soldier Background – Boosts fighter skills.


  • Boring and vanilla as hell, but if you are a new player that might be a “pro”
  • Fighters are more dependent on good equipment than any other class.

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  1. That depends hugely on how you like to go about combat and solve problems in games.

    I would advice you to look at some vedoes about character creation and party composition by Fextralife. First get an idea if you want to be in the thick of things swinging a huge weapon, if you want to stand on a hill acting like magic artillery, or if you love battlefield manipulation, like throw grease there, teleport around to make use of battlefield elements.
    Perhaps you love sneaking, or social manipulation through dialogue?

    There are just so many different things you can do in a game like this, so without knowing anything about you as a person no one will be able to give you any accurate advice for what would be fun for you. I can tell you whats fun for me, but Im not sure how much good that would do you in your playthrouigh.

    Another way to go about it is to just try different stuff. If you have already bought the game just install the EA version and try playing some different characters.

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