Baldur’s Gate 3 – Combat Tips

Useful Tips

Learning the mechanic one step at a time and pick classes that’s pretty straight forward can help you. Also loot things when you can, explore and do side quests for exp to help you level up.

Utilize sneak when possible so you can position your party before a battle.

Here’s some general tips that might be helpful:

  • Fighter with Battle Master subclass is very good in this game. Riposte and Pushing maneuver is good pick. I recommend putting great weapon master feat when you can as the bonus attack is very nice to have
  • Wild magic sorcerer is also a pretty good spell caster class with some flexible option for spells. With sorcery point (class resource) you can do things like twinned your single target spell to attack 2 instead. or cast it at longer range. etc
  • Often check what enemy you are facing and use the better approach. You can always right click and examine the enemy to see their info. What you want to consider is usually their AC and what kind of damage are they resist or weak against.
  • Of course on high AC enemy, and attack or spell that use attack roll might not be the best unless you get something that add advantage. Thus might want to consider having some save checks or AOE spells on hand.
  • While you might want to save things like leveled spell slot a bit more, def use up your class features and resources that will replenish on Short rest. It’s better for you to waste some of them rather than getting hit because you cant kill them fast enough.
  • Shift+C auto sneak your whole party, and G is to toggle group and ungroup. Useful to know.
  • You can turn something that use reaction to always use or ask before by clicking on their icon on bottom right, or somewhere in the inventory-character menu.
  • Some feature you can also toggle under “passive” on the bottom, so make sure to check that one especially if you are using Great Weapon master since it add -5 to attack roll by default.
  • Don’t neglect Constitution – having low HP is very risky in this game since you cannot really build your AC to be high enough to be unhittable unless some special builds or temporary solutions (mirror image etc). you are going to get hit and need the “HP Buffer” to counter. I would recommend a minimum of 14 for your front liners and if you can manage 16 even better.
  • Don’t waste your spells on healing – seems counter intuitive but there are so many consumables you simply dont need to waste your actions and spell slots for it unless a real emergency.
  • Target the mages and archers first – they do a lot of harm. if there is a big scary enemy just take one of your “Tanks” to it but make sure the archers and mages are taken out.
  • Switch frequently between ranged and melee – if you can’t reach the enemy to stab him, shoot an arrow. at least you made some damage and didn’t waste a turn
  • A Barbarian with max CON is a very tanky char to have – a wildheart (bear) barbarian (which you select at level 3) gets resistance to all damage (exc. psychic) – meaning 50% damage taken while raging. it also has a self heal and the highest HP out of all classes. very nice and easy to play. there is a weapon you get early in ACT1 which heals you whenever you apply damage, so that is good as well. a Barbarian can be built for either STR based (with medium armor so 14 dex) or Dex based (for no armor since it gets AC from CON while unarmored) and can have nice AC as well. metal helmets protects you from crits as well so something to consider.
  • Improve saving throws – very important since enemies tend to inflict all sorts of nasty stuff on you. high saves = no damage. Bless (a cleric/paladin spell) is very useful here.
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