Baldur’s Gate 3 – Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant Quest Walkthrough (Act 3)

Mystic Carrion

Mystic Carrion is encountered by entering Philgrave’s Mansion – either by lock-picking the stone wall, or using the hole in the wall (X:29 Y:-166) to sneak in.

You can also use the secret passphrase that is found in a letter inside the hidden room of the Atelier in the Jannath Estate. Carrion asks the party what they are doing because they do not have an appointment. He explains that he is a spirit medium who works with wealthy clients in the Upper City.

Carrion believes the party is too poor to seek his services, but asking “Is there anything I can do for you?” gets his attention. He does indeed have a job – seeking out his lost servant, Thrumbo.

Make sure to buy the Hood of the Weave from him, it will not drop if he is attacked later. The other two items for sale can be looted from Carrion’s corpse.

Finding Thrumbo

Going upstairs in the mansion, there is an additional floor that a creature warns the party not to go up to, as it’s dangerous. However, the party can walk right past him to the next floor. If they are spotted, a creature named Ligus stops the party and state they cannot be on the floor.

However, he can be persuaded, deceived, or intimidated into letting the party stay. A locked room in the northwest corner of the floor has a beggar’s portrait (X:5, Y:-150) that contains a note from Thrumbo, indicating they are going to meet by the beach.

  • Lumbar (X:125, Y:-28) is in an alley north of the Basilisk Gate. He reveals the group was planning to escape by boat, so Thrumbo is probably by the water.
  • Morbus (X:2, Y:17) is in the graveyard north of the Forge of the Nine. He only remembers that Thrumbo told him ‘down the stairs, across the sand’.
  • Sacrum (X:-78, Y:-98) is north of Beehive General Goods. He mentioned that wardrobes are good hiding places.

Thrumbo’s location is in a house by the docks that are east of Philgrave’s Mansion. He is hiding in a wardrobe in the beach house (X:56, Y:-120). Interacting with the wardrobe causes Thrumbo to come out.

Thrumbo panics at the thought of returning to Mystic Carrion.

Telling Thrumbo that Mystic Carrion is seeking him causes Thrumbo to panic. He tells the party his side of the story if they ask.

Thrumbo says that he and his companions were normal beggars until they were killed by Mystic Carrion and unwillingly turned into his undead servants.

He believes that Mystic Carrion is a mummy lord and that finding his heart is the key to stopping him. The party can then continue working for Mystic Carrion, or change sides and aid Thrumbo in his liberation from Carrion.

Siding with Mystic Carrion

Thrumbo can be attacked at any point after finding him. The party needs to kill him and pick up his body, then take it back to Mystic Carrion. Mystic Carrion instantly recognizes the scent of Thrumbo and take his body. Choosing “Not so fast.

First, tell me about the reward you promised.” then “Is that the going rate for canopic jars these days? I expected more.” opens Carrion up to potential bargaining. Passing the intimidation or persuasion check (DC 20) makes Carrion add in some gold to sweeten the deal.

Siding with Thrumbo

Siding with Thrumbo initiates End Mystic Carrion’s Immortality. To kill Mystic Carrion for good, his heart must be destroyed. See the quest page for details on how to destroy his heart.

The location of A Mummy’s Memories.

Mystic Carrion’s has also placed three of his other organs in jars around the Lower City. Destroying these three canopic jars will weaken Mystic Carrion, but are not necessary to permanently defeat him:

  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Lungs is in the Graveyard’s Mortuary basement
  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Liver is in a Gilded Chest in the Ancient Lair
  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Brain is on a table in the Ancient Lair

After destroying the heart, Mystic Carrion can be destroyed permanently. Return to the mansion and face off against him to free Thrumbo and his friends once and for all.

After killing Mystic Carrion, Thrumbo and his three friends will move in to the mansion. Thrumbo picks up where Carrion left off as a medium and merchant, selling the same items as his former master. Template:Bugs

Finally, read the Acquisitions Record and take the Torch of Revocation from the Guilded Chest at the back of the room to progress Free the Artist.

Quest Rewards

  • Torch of RevocationTorch of Revocation – Either given by Mystic Carrion if they were side with, or found in the Gilded Chest in the back of the room if they were killed.
  • Crypt Lord RingCrypt Lord Ring – Given by Thrumbo if he was sided with.

If Mystic Carrion is killed, they drop:

  • Staff of Cherished NecromancyStaff of Cherished Necromancy
  • Armour of the SporekeeperArmour of the Sporekeeper
  • Veil of the MorningVeil of the Morning
  • Rusty Key, used to unlock the Gilded Chest in the back of the room

Notes: As of if you have found Thrumbo through exploring before ever meeting Carrion and try a second conversation, Carrion assumes you are hostile and attacks. During the first conversation either immediately trade with him using the icon in the bottom left or ask to trade and do not ask about the job. The trade option ends the conversation and he assumes you accepted the quest.

Bugs: After completing the quest by siding with Thrumbo, if you head to the top floor and initiate combat with the ghouls, Thrumbo and his friends will also turn hostile.

End Mystic Carrion’s Immortality

End Mystic Carrion’s Immortality is started after choosing to side with Thrumbo during Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant. To kill Mystic Carrion for good, his heart must be destroyed.

Thrumbo mentions he was brought down to a cellar by Mystic Carrion, so the Philgrave’s Mansion is a good place to begin your search. Head up to the second floor to find an iron ladder (X:19, Y:-153) leading down to the Mystic Carrion’s basement lair.

Within the lair is a book called A Mummy’s Memoir which references an ancient lair in the Undercity Ruins. Alternatively, there is a hole in the wall (X:-1499, Y:-140) that can be bypassed using Wild Shape, Disguise Self, Gaseous Form, or other means.

Location of Funerary Jar Form and Function.

Travel trough the Lower City Sewers to the Undercity Ruins waypoint, then head west to discover a passageway (X:-180, Y:934). Entering the passageway leads to the Ancient Lair and a room full of gilded chests with a hidden door on the north wall (X:-1390, Y:75).

Opening any chest or lockpicking the door (DC 20) causes a horde of undead monsters to rise up and attack the party. Through the stone door lies Mystic Carrion’s workshop with a book called Funerary Jar Form and Function (X:-1395, Y:84). Reading it reveals that Carrion’s heart is inside of Thrumbo. The Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Brain and Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Liver can also be found here.

Return to Thrumbo and tell him the heart is inside of him. Disturbed, he pukes up the Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Heart. The jar can be destroyed using ranged attacks, as it explodes destruction dealing 8d6 Fire damage.

Destroying the heart completes the quest and updates Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant with the objective to return to the mansion and face off against Mystic Carrion, to free Thrumbo and his friends once and for all.

Other Jars

Three other canopic jars can be destroyed to weaken Mystic Carrion, but doing so is not necessary to permanently defeat him:

  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Lungs is in the Graveyard’s Mortuary basement
  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Liver is in a Gilded Chest in the Ancient Lair
  • Jar of Mystic Carrion’s Brain is on a table in the Ancient Lair

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