Baldur’s Gate 3 – Free the Artist Quest Walkthrough (Act 3)

The Zhentarim Hideout

During Act One, to find Oskar, the Zhentarim Hideout must first be located. It’s in a barn west of Waukeen’s Rest, at the shabby door (X:-113, Y:613).

The door to the Zhentarim hideout.

The party will automatically be aware of the Zhentarim Hideout depending on how Find the Missing Shipment was dealt with. If the party undertook this quest and managed to spare Rugan’s life, he shares the location of the hideout along with the password need to enter.

With a successful perception check, the party notices a man, Salazon, crouching behind some shelves. Reciting the password ‘Little serpent, long shadow’ has him stand down immediately and provide the key to a wardrobe that leads into the hideout.

If the party does not have the password, there are a myriad of other options to get past Salazon:

  • Read his mind.
  • [Persuasion] Just calm down – I’m not here to fight. (DC 15)
  • [Rogue][Persuasion] This is all pretty crude, as traps go – you’ll probably kill us both. (DC 15)
  • [Sorcerer][Persuasion] I am magic. Cast that spell – you’ll only hurt yourself. (DC 15)
  • [Barbarian][Intimidation] Careful. You won’t kill me, but you will make me mad. (DC 15)

Succeeding to make the man stand down allows the Zhentarim to be dealt with peacefully. Enter the Zhentarim Basement and follow the path down to encounter Brem (X:295, Y:-250). Brem is a trader for the Zhentarim and he’s holding an artist, Oskar Fevras, hostage.

He offers to have Oskar paint a portrait, for a fee. Speaking to Brem before Oskar provides unique dialogue options to persuade him that Oskar is more trouble than he’s worth.

Choose “A ‘pet artist’?” to ask Brem more about Oskar. He explains they found him wandering the wilds, and that he needed protection. Choose “‘Protection’. It sounds a bit more like kidnapping.” to open up a dialogue about letting Oskar go:

  • [Intimidation] We can skip threats and go straight to blades, if you like. (DC 20)
  • [Persuasion] If he’s as talented as you say, someone will be looking for him. (DC 20)
  • [Rogue][Persuasion] Art’s more valuable once the creator is dead. I can arrange that (DC 15)
  • [Bard][Persuasion] If this artist were to tragically expire, his portfolio would become finite – therefore priceless. (DC 15)
  • [Paladin][Persuasion] Slavekeeping’s bad for business with any halfway-moral customer. Let him go. (DC 15)
  • [Githyanki][Intimidation] Here’s my offer: give me your slave, or become mine. (DC 15)

Choosing “Fine, I’ll buy him. How much?” causes Brem to name a price – 1000 gold. This price can be knocked down to 600 gold with a successful Persuasion roll (DC 15) or Intimidation (DC 20).

Speak to Oskar to inform him of the good news. More information can be gleaned about Oskar – he’s engaged to a wealthy woman but conflicted about leaving behind his first love.

He asks for more gold for the road, stating his fiancé will repay the party handsomely for rescuing him. Regardless of if the party pays up, he’ll successfully escape and return to Baldur’s Gate.

Lady Jannath’s Estate

Once in Act Three, the party can attempt to meet with Oskar in Baldur’s Gate. Oskar can be sought out within the Lower City at Lady Jannath’s Estate (X:-254, Y:-76). A butler named Tarhun Mnemonis guards the door. Tarhun explains that Lady Jannath sent away all the servants on vacation, including him.

As he is on vacation, he cannot stop anyone from entering the estate, but he does warn against it. While the conversation is going on, screaming and banging can be heard from within the mansion.

Floating objects reveal something ghostly is happening in the mansion.

Entering the mansion, it’s clear something ghostly is occurring. Chairs and various objects are floating and, as the party climbs the stairs, they start to attack. Use dash to climb the steps as fast as possible and enter the upstairs bedroom (X:-251, Y:-55) to initiate a cutscene with Lady Jannath and a possessed Oskar. Three poltergeists appear to attack the party.

Avoid attacking Oskar or hitting him with AoE attacks, as Oskar’s death causes Jannath to immediately kick out the party and prematurely end the quest. The poltergeists turn invisible, but Volo’s Ersatz Eye can greatly help in this encounter. Otherwise, Faerie Fire and Spirit Guardians are incredibly helpful.

Once the poltergeists are dealt with, Jannath pleads with the party to help her. She needs discretion, which is why she sent the servants away. She notes that there appears to be something off about the atelier at the top floor and directs the party to investigate there.

Going to the atelier is quite difficult due to a number of cursed skulls. The skulls deal thunder damage and knock back the party. Use Silence to stop the skulls from casting their spells and then utilize remove curse or simply use fire, slashing, and force attacks to destroy them.

The location of Oskar’s portrait – steal it to combine with his easel.

Once in the atelier (X:-268, Y:-52), a perception check reveals a strange wall. The wall can be accessed by a trick with Oskar’s portraits. Steal the portrait of Oskar that’s against the western wall.

Then combine it with the empty easel. This opens up an additional section of the room and the possessed portrait within. There’s also a locked chest behind the portrait. Lockpick the chest (DC 20) and read the Letter to Oskar Fevras within.

The letter reveals that Oskar was corresponding with someone named Mystic Carrion who was helping him with his ghostly problems.

Mystic Carrion’s Mansion

Go to Philgrave’s Mansion (X:-8, Y:-158) to find Mystic Carrion. The western wall can either be destroyed, lockpicked, or the passphrase from Oskar’s letter can be used to open it.

Talk to Mystic Carrion about Oskar, and he remembers dealing with him. He offers a solution – the Torch of Revocation – for the price of 3000 gold.

He is, however, willing to waive the fee if the party agrees to find his missing servant, Thrumbo, as part of Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant. If Mystic Carrion is dead, the Torch can be found in a gilded chest behind where he was originally encountered (X:18, Y:-162).

Kerri is not happy that Oskar disturbed her peace.

However the Torch is acquired, bring it back to the atelier and equip it. Then, use it on the possessed portrait to free the spirit of Kerri Evenfield.

The ghost inside is enraged at the fact that Oskar trapped her, and wants revenge. Kerri can be Persuaded or Intimidated (DC 15) into backing down from killing Oskar. Otherwise, she’ll attack the party with two Vengeful Souls and two Tormented Souls.

If you save Oskar by fighting Kerri then Lady Jannath will be upset about Oskar putting them in danger. You will have a choice as to whether to help Oskar or tell Lady Jannath the truth.

If both Oskar and his marriage are saved, he’ll be immensely grateful and offer to paint a portrait as a reward. He goes up to the atelier and starts painting whenever the party is ready. He also allows the title to be chosen by the party.

Quest Rewards

  • An original painting by Oskar Fevras for saving both Oskar and his marriage.
  • Fighting Kerri and telling Jannath the truth rewards Til Death Do Us Part. Oskar will leave and drop After Death Do Us Part on the floor just outside the bedroom.
  • Leaving Oskar to Kerri rewards After Death Do Us Part

Notes: The player does NOT need to pay the additional 200 gold when freeing Oskar in order for him to show up in Baldur’s Gate and continue the questline, the extra 200 gold is for changing around companion reputation.

Bugs: The portrait painted by Oskar will not always be of the character who spoke with him. Poltergeists in Lady Jannath’s mansion can behave erratically, skipping multiple turns in a row without taking any actions.

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