Baldur’s Gate 3 – Help the Hag Survivors Quest Walkthrough (Act 3)

Find the Hag Survivor Group

Upon entering the Lower City, many posters are put up around the city on various noticeboards and walls. One such noticeboard is near Luan, the paperboy (X:125, Y:-70).

Interacting with the Anti-Hag Support Group posters begins the quest and lead to a possible meetup place at Barren’s Coop (X:45, Y:-114).

The door to Barren’s Coop can be lockpicked open, and passing a Perception check reveals an eviction notice. To find the new location of the hag survivors, the table must be searched, revealing a barely legible letter.

The location of the Barely Legible Letter.

The letter left at Barren’s Coop reveals that the group has relocated to Old Garlow’s Place (X:-49, Y:-127). As with the past location, the door needs to be lockpicked open.

After entering the building, the party encounters the hag survivors, who are instantly suspicious and assume they are dealing with hagspawn.

Persuading the Group

Choosing the following options and successfully passing the checks has the group stand down:

  • [Persuasion] A hag is after you? I can help. I’ve fought one before. (DC 15)
  • [Intimidation] Touch me and I’ll hurt you more than any bloody hag could.

The group then explains that they are being pursued by a hag. Their leader, Mayrina has been hexed, and they need assistance. Mayrina is upstairs, and has been transformed into a sheep.

She can be talked to using Speak with Animals and shares that a doll is what’s causing her transformation, or her diary can be read, which also references a doll.

Finding the Doll

The doll in question is the Voodoo Doll (X:-41, Y:-141) which is in the corner of the upstairs room. The doll can simply be attacked, or destroyed using Remove Curse. Afterwards, Mayrina transforms into a human and begins shouting that the Dragonborn did it.

The ruse having ended, Jatlo reveals himself as a servant of the hag. He attacks the party and summon minions to help him.

Pickpocketing Jatlo

If Jatlo is pickpocketed, he has a note on him using terms like “Auntie” and “hex doll.” After confronting Jatlo, he transforms into a redcap and attacks the party.

Defeating Jatlo ends the curse, turning Mayrina back into a human.

Fighting the Group

If the Persuasion or Deception checks fail, or if the party simply decides to fight, then the hag survivor group attacks, certain that they are facing off against hagspawn.

However, after Jatlo is attacked, he transforms into a redcap and the other survivors realize they were mistaken.

The survivors aid the party in taking down Jatlo and, with his defeat, Mayrina transforms into a human.

Tools to Fight the Hag

The Wall Safe “in back”.

Mayrina tells the party that a hag is in the city and it’s out to get her. She asks for help in defeating the foul creature, and states that information on how to defeat a hag is in the wall safe on the first floor (X:-61, Y:-148).

The safe contains A Hunter’s Guide to Hags, Ashes of Dried Fey Flower, and a Tearstained Diary which includes a recipe for Hag’s Bane and how to use it. Agreeing to help Mayrina also sets the party on the quest Avenge the Hag Survivors.

Quest Rewards

  • Staff of Interruption
  • Recipe for Hag’s Bane

Notes: If the player has already killed the hag, for instance while completing Save Vanra, heading to the Hag Survivors plays out differently. Mayrina won’t be hexed, and Jatlo will have turned back into a redcap and killed himself in front of the other survivors. No Ability Checks are necessary and the quest completes after the survivors are informed of the hag’s death. Avenge the Hag Survivors is skipped and the player immediately receives the Fey Semblance Amulet, but they do not receive the Staff of Interruption.

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