Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Beat Minthara, Ragzlin and Gut

True Soul Bosses (Early Game) Tips

Gut is the lowest level, least HP and you can talk to her to get her to move to her room.

Once there, close the door and tell her you’re here to kill her, you’ve got a turn of combat to take her out before she calls in reinforcements.

If you manage it, no one gets aggro’d.

Next up should be Minthara. There are some goblin drums near her that the enemies will use to alert everyone, so destroy those. There’s also a floating sentry eye (or maybe more than 1?) that you need to take out.

If you manage that, the rest shouldn’t aggro.

IIRC unless you manage to do it in a real exploit-y way, killing Ragzlin will turn everyone left in the goblin camp hostile.

No way around it. But if you close the door and watch the sight line across the spider pit hole, you won’t aggro anyone outside the room.

Then it’s possible (but kinda hard and requiring many stealth checks) to sneak out of the inner sanctum by climbing up to the rafters, there’s maybe 1 goblin patrolling there you should take out first.

If you can break a wall to the outside or jump down to Gut’s room and enter the Underdark via there, you can teleport out.

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