Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Deal with Goblin Camp

Tips for Goblin Camp

Tips are for anyone else frustrated:

  • Hire the ogres from the blighted village for chonky distractions. (they are slow though, so don’t wait for things to be out of control)
  • Toss Alchemist fire flask + smokepowder barrel for big explosion
  • Punt some of them to the spiders.

The game rewards trying stuff, especially if reloading a bunch of times and trying to do it the “right” way is getting tiresome.


  1. dear sir, the goblin campament is a chore, but a delightful one, you can clear it from the beggining with any character just by killing like a predator each and every single one of them.

    “ah that is murdehoboing!” you mean killing goblins that kill any person that travels through the forest including children is being a murderhobo? nah, they are evil by default because they were made as a weapon for violence and murder and are not even people, they deserve to be purged from this world. just cheese everything with a rogue, even in tactician you can find ways to kill them all in small groups in the camp, until there is none of them, attacking from the heights, running and hiding always from the small holes in the ground is a good idea.

    you can hit and kill one of the goblins in the church at ground lvl from the tall part of the inner side of the church accessible via destroying a wall. with a rogue with extremely high stealth (+7) you can pull only the priestess because the thing has like +20 to wisdom.

    the hardest boss inside the church (it has 4 bosses) is not her, so get the idea.

    anyway you just pull her and kill her alone ambush her with the rest of the party from behind, if you kill her fast enough nobody else will be pulled in the worst scenario you pull the entire room but you have like 2 or 3 rounds to deal with her, gobos are slow.

    the best way to clear camps with 100 enemies or more is just by playing this game like its a batman arkham game series but in rpg. your NEED a rogue to play this game.

    also wyll is the best companion to re-spec into a rogue, warlocks are pretty bad in general, their job can be done by a wizard better or a fighter battlemaster.

  2. I took the priest to that room and had her killed. A lot of enemies started streaming in but I used the room to filter all enemies in and thus it was easy to get rid of those goblins.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a little challenging but it came down to strategy.

    As for the other Goblins (other bosses), I went round and went to the ceiling paths where I have an advantage to all Goblins below me. It was a piece of cake even the bosses were easy to handle.

  3. It seems they fixed the issue where releasing a prisoner and preventing any tattletales from leaving the room was still notifying the entire camp. So, it’s now (again) possible to free the prisoner first, and then go deal with the leaders individually without alerting the others.

    After freeing the prisoner, I dialogued a couple of NPCs away from ear-shot of the fighting areas, went for the patrollers next when they were alone, started with one off in one corner of the map (hashtag: no spoil), went to the one in the middle of the map (a tougher encounter), dialogued the last one to move the target a bit out of the way and finished that one (even tougher), went back to the prisoner, and cheesed it by quick-travel, leaving anyone else alive.

    I’ve read that using the prisoner for the encounters makes things so much easier, but I found out about that after and didn’t want the prisoner to get hurt. Maybe my next playthrough…?

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