Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Increase Success Chances on Rolls

Tips on Increase Success Chances on Rolls

You can’t really increase the chance you’ll roll high, but you can get various bonuses so that even when you roll low, you don’t. For example, I have a +4 to persuasion because I’m proficient in it, and then another +5 because my charisma is very high.

On top of that, one of my party members has a cantrip called “Guidance” which allows me to roll an additional 4-sided die and add the result to my original roll, meaning my bonus increases to between 10 and 13.

The “two dice” thing is called advantage, and it’s where you roll twice and take the higher of the two results. No class has it by default, but it is something you can get depending on the situation. For example, I have a cantrip called “Friends” that gives me advantage on any charisma checks.

So, overall, when I’m rolling charisma checks, I roll twice, take the higher of the two rolls, and then add a variable bonus of 10-13. This also helps me in combat because I’m a Sorcerer, and as such charisma is my primary stat for attacks, but there are other classes that use charisma as their primary stat.

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  1. You get bonus points to persuasion and other speech checks for every 2 points of charisma over 10. So having 16 charisma will give you +3 to whatever your dice roll ends up being. You can also select specific skills to be proficient in, that again give you bonuses here.

    Bards don’t get 2 dice as a rule, but all classes may sometimes get two when they are rolling with ‘advantage’

    Pick a charisma based character – bard, sorcerer or paladin all do the job well, give them 16 charisma (and boost it later when your character levels up) and select speech skills and you’ll have good chances of passing every check.

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