Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Kill Commander Zhalk on Tactician

Commander Zhalk on Tactician

Shadowheart spell on him to drop weapon and buff ac on mind flayer . use little guy with haste to cheese away 2 cambions after 10th turn from the battle.

Laizaer can pick hes 2hander so shes probably gonna be the main damage dealer. If you save/scum she can hit him critically for 20+ damage.

You also can gather 3 crates+ 1 in room where shadowheart was imprisoned but that method worked in ea. Now if you blast all 4 its going to inflict only around 30-35 damage.

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  1. We just killed him with my mage (was a bit useless during the fight), my bard friend and both companions. We had to reload a couple times because a few rolls have to go your way (he needs to miss a few times and mindflayer need to stun him).
    Once you beat it if the mindflayer is still alive he turns on you and you can get even more xp from the encounter.

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