Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Survive on the Tactician Difficulty

Tips on Surviving Tactician Difficulty

It’s very similar to DOS2, study the terrain, place your party in favoruable positions while your party face does the talking, use abilities that allows you to control the battlefield and improve your chances to do damage and prevent enemies to do so – Hold person, Faerie fire, Tasha’s laughter, Grease etc. Respec Shadowheart into light cleric if you use her original build still, but that’s not really required.

Ironically, this fight with Karlach’s paladins was probably the hardest one in act 1, even harder than Gith patrol. Just make sure you have that mage in control, it is tough fight if you leave the mage unattended, but not so much otherwise. He still an one shot your chars, so it’s a matter of how good you can control/debuf him.

Goblin Camp – Don’t fight till the end of the act, when you will be at least level 5-6, it will be easy by then to take them all at once. Before that navigate there as True Soul, do quests etc. There is no need to fight whole camp early.

Grove Raid – Gather 10-15 barrels, put them there before fight, one fire cantrip, boom all dead.

The key is to position them where you want. I use a whole lot of things to do that. The illusion/distraction cantrip is amazing for pulling enemies to you. You can probably use that invisible hand thing as well. Or you can use your highest initiative character for some hit and run action. Dont forget to set traps for the fools who follow you ;-p A few choice barrels of kaboom makes fights much easier in act 1. For example…

The paladins are outright trivial if you just pull them out of the house and then push them down to the river. Its basically game over for that guy with the 2 handed sword. He cant do anything from down there. The other 2 are easy to dispatch due to low HP’s.

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