Baldur’s Gate 3 – Sword Bard Build

Build for Sword Bard

Most Valor advantages can be achieved by picking the right race (half-elf for shields or glaives, elf for long bows, gith for greatswords), so Swords seems like a better option.

For DEX builds Swords Bard is a better version of Eldritch Knight – bards are full casters. Add a level of Wizard and you can cast haste and summon elementals.

Add 2 levels of Paladin and you can smite like crazy. Switch focus from DEX to INT and you get a skill monkey full wizard in mail that can sing and heal.

Good builds for Swords Bard:

  • 1) 2 Paladin, 8/9/10 Bard, 0/1/2 Wizard (STR focus)
  • 2) 6/8/10/11 Bard, 1/2/4/6 Wizard (DEX/INT focus)

If you want Lore Bard:

  • 3) 10/11 Bard 1/2 Wizard (CHA focus offensive caster)

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  1. Sword bards make for great… everything honestly. Versatility is the name of the game with them. Their flourishes work for both ranged and melee combat making them able to pick/choose whats needed at any given moment.

    Get a good finesse weapon, and a good ranged weapon, and your bard can handle whatever it needs at nearly any moment.

    That’s on top of the perks of being a bard in the first place with their exceptional out of combat abilities with their skills.

    Yeah they get some utility spells, but they are mostly just that.. utility / out of combat.

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