Baldur’s Gate 3 – Trick: Loviathar’s Love

Spoiler! + Trick

Many of you will know this, but for those who don’t: There is a human guy in the Goblin Fortress in act 1 (inside, in some dead end corridor with lots of blood spilled on the floor) who loves pain and thus beats himself.

As you can find out he worships Loviatar, the godess of pain, and asks whoever initiates dialogue with him whether he/she wants to learn the ways of pain by getting beaten.

What sounds like some fetish leads to an extremely neat permanent buff, “Loviatar’s Love”, if done correctly.

The trick to get the perk is to actually FAIL the CON dice tests respectively WIN the deception tests in all four torture turns, so the torturer believes his “measures” are successfull and you suffer.

The perk yields +2 to attack when one’s health is below or equal to 30% of one’s max health as well as +2 to WIS saves (under said condition) for the first 3 turns in every combat, thus basically being some kind of passive adrenaline rush.

Very helpfull and permanent from what I can tell so far running around with the perk for several ingame days now.

Hint: One can only aquire the perk as long as the gobos in the fortress are not hostile to the player.

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