Baldur’s Gate 3 – Warding Bond and You!

Warding Bond Spell

I just want to highlight again this wicked little spell, which seems on the surface to be a lawful-good sort of light spell is actually the most lawful evil of combos in this wonderfully broken game. Warding Bond is a (2nd? level) cleric spell that ties the fates of two characters together, one who stands in the vanguard and the one in the back casting the blessings. The damage from one, with mitigation, is passed on to the rearguard who suffers nobly for his party.

That’s all lovely and LG as it comes, but…

You can remove the cleric caster from the party in camp and the bond remains unbroken, and suddenly the situation becomes waaay more sinister. Now you have a puling cleric back at the fireside, safe from harm but for the tormenting critical strikes that come like a bolt from the blue and inflict terrible wounds on him while your Moorcockian Drow fighter, pumped up for damage dealing, stands unscathed on the front lines, miles away slashing with abandon. Doesn’t it kill that cleric, pretty frequently, as there’s no one paying attention to heal his wounds? Yup, sure does!

So, back to camp after a long days delving, revive your hireling’s corpse to 1 hp (Or Shadowheart, because man, is she an out and proud masochist) and hit the hay, tomorrow is a brand new day filled with adventure for some, and endless suffering for others.

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