Barotrauma – How to Use Bot Talents

Bot Talents

A lot of the bots talents are useless except the ones that allow you to craft stuff. It lets you get access to things you normally wouldn’t be able to grab, like the Exosuit (assuming one of you aren’t playing Mechanic) or the Handcannon (if nobody is Captain which is rare I guess)

I think it’s also possible (if you don’t consider it scummy or whatever) to use console commands to switch control of a player onto a bot, or something like that? I’ve never used it but I think I’ve seen people talking about it, you take control of a bot, and can use them to craft things or make use of their other otherwise useless talents, such as mining at twice the speed with a Mechanic or something.

Without doing that, certain talents like +1 quality on weapons if given to a Security bot is effectively useless, yeah. However if someone was playing as a Security Officer themselves, with say, a Captain as the bot, then the Captain bot could grab the Handcannon perk and then the Security Officer could make it at Excellent or Masterwork Quality with the +1 quality talent plus like 69 – 100 Weapons skill…or something like that.

If you had an Assistant that was graduating with Loyal Assistant as a Security Officer too, then you’d only need like 69 Weapons skill and the talent that grants +1 quality level on weapons, and you’d pump out Masterwork Handcannons (assuming a Captain bot had it unlocked)…just as an example anyway.

Or, like in my current game if the players are only occupying the Captain and Medical Officer roles you could get a Security Officer bot to unlock “Warlord” which unlocks the HMG, and a Mechanic bot to unlock “MECHanic” which unlocks the Exosuit, and then you yourself craft a HMG and an Exosuit even if your Mechanical and Weapons skills were still really low (because you keep dying lol.)

Remember you can still craft any item even if you have 0 in the skill, those skill requirements only halve the time it takes to craft the item at the fabricator, and prevents you from achieving anything but “Normal” level of quality besides.

But uh tl;dr bot talents that unlock craftable stuff are definitely worth it, and are some of the most valuable talents they have, actually. You can craft everything at any time, skill requirement be damned.

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