Battle Brothers – How to Deal with Armored Enemies

How to Tackle Armored Enemies

Puncture bros scale out very nicely for armor piercing. Especially if you give them dagger mastery. High accuracy will negate the hit penalty quite a bit.

I can chew through most armored nobles and orcs like butter. Im currently running 2 nimble bros rocking direwolf leather armor. If they aren’t killing them they are routing them with fear procs.

Other than that focus on armor breaking weapons. If you have throwing bros switch to axes instead of spears. Hammers. Armor breaking is the hammer bro’s wheel house.

Nets are VERY good for hit chance bonus, but there is an opportunity cost. Have to replenish and they take up precious inventory space. Good for duelist throwers.

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  1. You can do fatigue neutral heavy armor build for bro that is subpar. (low fatigue)

    Fatigue Neutral means you regain 15 fatigue for each bro when it is their turn.

    So if you have weapon mastery of your choice and path finder perk, then give that bro a 2 hand weapon, and have him wear the heaviest armor until he still have 16 point of fatigue left. Path finder cancel out terrain penalty and height penalty as if you are on flat grass ground. and weapon mastery reduce the fatigue cost of attacks. Combining both 15 fatigue allows you to always walk 1 tile and swing once. And for 2 hand weapon you can only swing once anyway. This way fatigue is irreverent, your bro will always have enough fatigue to walk and attack when it is their turn.

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