BattleBit Remastered – Tips on How Not to Die

Tips to Die Less

Flank, stay in cover, etc. And learn how the enemy team moves. They swarm and go from objective to objective. If you just mindlessly run around, you’ll get hit by a squad of players and get destroyed. So either bunker up somewhere useful with defences and wait for the enemy to appear, or try and ambush the squads and catch them by surprise.

A big tip would be to make good use out of defences such as sandbags. The squad point cost is extremely minimal so you can really spam them out. I’d almost say they’re better used for climbing things moreso than being used defensively. You can use them to get to some crazy places to catch the enemy by surprise.

Or just hop over a larger wall, get into a high up window, or to replace the stairs if they got blown out. Also use claymores/personnel mines. They’re essentially free kills if you place them smart.

Play as medic, only use rifles, and focus on getting headshots. Medics being able to self-heal is just better than what any other class provides. Rifles are just the most effective. And bodyshots do far too little damage to be effective.

Try to reduce the angles from which you can be shot at when peeking. For example, approach a window from the side. If you walk straight at it you can be shot from front and both sides.

Same with doors, corners. Start thinking about who could be on the other side and you’ll probably die less.

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