Bellwright – Cauldron Lockout [Solved]

How to Fix Cauldron Lockout

What’s Causing the Lockout:

I’ve found that when putting ingredients into a cauldron, there are certain recipes that must be followed or it will result in a lockout of the cauldron. A menu will appear at the cauldron.


  • Place Raw Meat
  • Place Mushroom
  • Place Garlic
  • Place Sage
  • Place Water

The recipe for mushroom stew is 2 mushrooms, 1 sage, 1 water. However upon placing 2 mushrooms, the option to place raw meat or garlic still remains. Giving you an opportunity to add extra ingredients that have no output. It seems like the cauldron will accept ‘any’ 3 item types (Mushrooms, sage, water; meat, garlic, water) before closing its input to cook, but if there items entered are not correctly set for one of the available recipes, the cauldron will instead perpetually cook with no timer.


The only fix I’ve found is to deconstruct the cauldron, which drops all of the ingredients back on the ground.

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