Boneraiser Minions – How to Beat Gigald (Final Boss) on NG+

When his spread lasers happen it seems almost impossible to dash through them and not get hit.

Tips on Beating Gigald (Final Boss) on New Game Plus (NG+)

I find the most success by moving just a little bit to make it easier to avoid the blue lasers that like to spawn on top of you, but not so much that I run headfirst into the pink lasers that scissor you. Other than that, you may want to grab one or more levels of the mushroom relic to improve your dash uptime.

A couple of Fruity Bush contraptions are handy to keep around.

If you have a couple of fruity bush’s and a fairy you should be ok, easy to lose your fairy just before the king though. ng+2 king is a real ***, I’ve only managed to get there with the vampire dude, I manged to take about 3/4 of his first health bar down. I sometimes use a demonic grave stone that gives you a temp demon for a hero soul, if I start to panic a bit too.

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