Bosorka – Boss Tips

Useful Tips for Defeating Bosses

If you will just pick up some alternative spells, and save just one or two for the boss fight, you can defeat it pretty easily, you can switch and choose your spells so it should be no problem, also there are plenty of them on every single level. Alternatively, there are amulets that grant infinity attacks that have also an impact, you can charge your ultimate broom ability by defeating corruption eyes that spawn in the boss location and pick up more companions that also can significantly increase your performance against tougher enemies.

I would say combining all this together will grant you a huge advantage against bigger enemies, there are some playthroughs where players defeated bosses in a matter of a few seconds, which looks really cool even from our perspective, where we spend lots of time testing and trying different approaches.

You don’t have to rely solely on random runes, they boost your performance in one way or another (different chest types boost different aspects of your performance). It is definitely a nice thing to have but this is not something that defines in core whether you will defeat the boss faster or slower, these are just amplifiers.

And just to clarify the above – there is no such thing as just one proper build, you can try suitable for your game style approach by trying cursed runes. If you feel more comfortable with dodging and dashing with a broom, you can try the way where companions will do the work for you by choosing cursed runes in the merchant. Alternatively, you can take higher risks by picking runes that boost your incoming and outcoming damage.

A Few More Tips:

It depends on the luck, each run is unique.

  • Resetting the run (or dying) is completely fine.

Don’t open chests randomly, figure out which one gives what.

  • I’d recommend prioritizing spells & damage boosts first, then the rest.
  • Picking up even one minor dagger doubles initial basic attack damage output.

Use basic spells on the enemies keep advanced spells for the bosses.

  • E.g. bubble completely deletes first boss no problemo.
  • [Spells can be switched via mouse scroll]

Dodge has a lot of iframes, use it often.

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