Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Dark Harvest Map Walkthrough

Full Walkthrough

There are a total of 24 steps listed for the quest:

  1. Enter the house.
  2. Find the combination to unlock the basement door (3).
  3. Explore the basement.
  4. Investigate the cellar door.
  5. Unlock and enter the garage.
  6. Turn on the power.
  7. Talk to the Man.
  8. Grab a fire axe from within the cellar.
  9. Open the greenhouse and shed (2).
  10. Grab a shovel from the greenhouse.
  11. Dig up the 115 rock where the ground glows red.
  12. Utilize the pond and destabilize the 115 rock.
  13. Talk to the Man.
  14. Investigate the surge of lightning.
  15. Compete in the target practice (5).
  16. Follow the Damned.
  17. Feed the Damned with undead souls.
  18. Tune the radios to their correct frequencies.
  19. Use an electric source to ground the generator.
  20. Investigate the attic of the house.
  21. Survive the gauntlet.
  22. Defeat the Mother Thrasher.
  23. Talk to the Man.
  24. Escape for 50,000 points.

That during cutscenes, zombies will not attack. They also tend to walk away from the player.

Note: Pressing the Tab key will open the menu showing:

  • Quest + Completed Steps on the Left Hand Side (LHS).
  • Pack-a-Punch parts collected on the Right Hand Side (RHS).
  • Ragnarok DG-4 parts collected (RHS).
  • Shield parts collected (RHS).
  • KT-4 parts collected (RHS).
  • Quest Items collected (RHS).

Gameplay Guide

  • Buy the first door to enter the house. A cutscene will play.
  • Within the house, there are several interactive file cabinets. Some are in rooms inside the house which require another door to be purchased (750 points each). Once opened, some drawers may have a sheet of paper with a number inside. There will be a total of 3 of them. I am unsure of how to find determine the order, but try various permutations until the lock is lifted and the door opens. Note that having the flashlight on (double pressing the ‘F’ key) is tremendously helpful for navigating the dark house.
  • Enter the basement by following the corridor and down the steps. Take note of the KT-4 Workbench on the wall. Walk towards the end of the room with the steel door to interact with ‘The Man’
  • He will give you the keys to the garage (previously inaccessible). Pick them up and approach the garage.
  • Interact with the Garage door. Note: Opening the garage will spawn a horde of zombies so be prepared for a fight. Killing these zombies will not advance the round.
  • The power switch will be on the RHS against the wall. A cutscene will play afterwards. Note: Towards the back wall there will be a pack-a-punch machine that can be built.
  • Once the power is on, return to ‘The Man’ in the basement
  • Enter the door to the adjacent building where the power was turned on (The door should be open). On the table on the RHS after entering, there will be an axe that will be needed. Note: Picking up the axe will replace the current weapon
  • Open the map up until you see the greenhouse and the shed barred with planks of wood. Use the axe to destroy them (1 attack per plank of wood) and the door will open. Note: Opening each of these will spawn a Mutated Thrasher denoted by the purple color instead of the standard orange. Upon killing the Mutated Thrasher, a Max Ammo will spawn. After opening both, the shovel (located in the greenhouse) will be able to be picked up.
  • Pick up the shovel. Note: It replaces the current weapon in hand. I suggest swapping out the Axe for the Shovel.
  • With the shovel in hand, return to the front of the house and see a glowing red pile of dirt. Attack the pile of dirt with your shovel to clear it, and obtain the 115 rock.
  • Walk towards the pond area, just beyond the Milk perk machine, and interact with the pond to throw the rock inside the pond.
  • After obtaining the rock, return to the basement to talk to ‘The Man’. Note: During this conversation the lights will turn off and on indicating an electrical interruption. The next step is to investigate the cause. Note: A cutscene will appear sometime after the talk.
  • Make your way to the path beyond the pond, furthest from the house to find various circles that have a slight glowing effect outside of the playable area.
  • These are the targets that must be shot to be destroyed. There will be a few targets that spawn at the same time which indicate a single set/round of target practice. To complete this step, destroy all the targets that spawn, for a total of 5 sets/rounds.
  • Upon shooting the last target, a ghastly figure will appear from within the forest, heading towards specific positions. The goal is to follow the apparition until it reaches a halt.
  • Once the ghost has stopped moving, it becomes a soulbox, requiring nearby zombie kills in order to move further. Repeat the process of following, killing zombies nearby until the ghost disappears behind the shed.
  • The objective of this step is to turn the dials on the radios to match the corresponding clocks found around the map as follows:
    • The Radio towards the far end of the map, just beyond the shed, near the mystery box location will correspond to the clock within the Pack-a-Punch/Power switch room.
    • The Radio towards the garden area near the Timeslip perk machine, corresponds to the clock within the room where the Axe was first obtained.
    • The radio located within the basement of the house corresponds to the clock on the wall located on the first floor of the house (seen upon first entry)
  • Note: The only hand of the clock that is visible (the red one) will indicate the direction of the dial (red) on the radio to be turned to. For example, A clock pointing towards 9 would indicate that the corresponding radio would also have the dial facing towards 9 as well.
  • Upon the radios being correctly placed you can continue to this step. This step requires the Ragnarok DG-4. Once you have obtained the Ragnarock DG-4, place them onto the floor in front of the generator located adjaced to the building where the axe was located. Note: This will spawn a horde of zombies. A cutscene will play as well showing that the attic of the house has been opened.
  • In the center of the room will be a podium with a skull inside that will be interactive.
  • Upon interaction, the player will be locked inside with no escape. It is recommended to have a good weapon by this time. Note: Zombies will only come from the stairs that were used to enter the attic. There are no zombie spawns located in the attic itself and there is no other entrance/exit.
  • Once the player has the ability to walk down the steps, doing so will cause a cutscene will to play indicating that the Mother Thrasher has been summoned! She has a lot of health and is very fast. It is recommended to have a high damage weapon to kill her. When I completed the EE, I used the Pack-a-Punched Haymaker 12 with the Blast Furnace Modification. It took a couple mags of close quarters shot to kill her.
  • Upon killing her, return to the basement to speak with ‘The Man’ for the final time. Note: He will award the player with a Perkaholic, giving all the perks on the map. After he finishes talking, a cutscene will play showing the Buyable ending (the truck)
  • The total cost for the Buyable ending is 50,000 points. Note: The way to purchase the ending is through increments of 5,000 until the total has been reached.
  • Congratulations! You have completed the main EE for the map and will be promptly shown the exit text ‘You’ve Escaped the Farmhouse!’

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